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Beauty Within


Meet Deloris


Fashion is my passion.  As a teenager I enjoyed putting together stylish outfits for my family, friends and of course myself. My dream was to be a fashion designer and even got accepted to a fashion and design school, but unfortunately did not have the financial resources to achieve that dream.  So I went to work as a public servant for the state of California for 30 plus years.  I also became a mother and singly raised my intelligent and oh so beautiful daughter.  During those years my love for fashion never ended and in 2006 I decided to start my business as a style advisor for a direct sales jewelry company.  It was only befitting that my business be connected to fashion and design.  My business has allowed me to assist women in selecting the perfect style of jewelry to extend their wardrobe or for that special occasion or just everyday wear. But I don’t only sell sparkle and bling, I sell BEAUTY, I sell CONFIDENCE and I sell SELF ESTEEM.

With 10 years of experience in jewelry sales and my passion to do something I love, I feel confident in saying that women can entrust me with their style advice.

Independent Senior Style Advisor with Yanbal USA 

Independent Senior Style Advisors with Yanbal USA